Vaio CBO

Vaio CBO

VAIO CBO is a small group of aid workers with a passion for providing short and long-term solutions to educational and health needs in Keda, a remote rural area in Georgia.Reaching out mainly to poor and disadvantaged children and youth VAIO CBO aid workers provide support in the following areas:


●      Development of community libraries to help reduce illiteracy.

●      Immediate relief to high-risk sanitation issues inclusive of installation of latrines.

●      College scholarships for gifted students from extremely poor households.

●      English classes for children living under poverty levels

●      School supplies for poor families


VAIO is a hands-on organization with a heart for education. Years of experience in providing direct aid have prepared the VAIO team to be highly effective in managing available resources. If you have a vision for equality in education around the globe please reach out and help the youth in Georgia. Donate now to their general fund or pick a featured project below

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