How it Works

The team searches the globe for charities that do outstanding work to improve the lives of those in areas of the world with high levels of suffering and poverty. We focus on areas where a little help can go a long way. When we find an organization that we’d like to support, we initiate an investigation to ensure that it is not only exceedingly trustworthy, but also highly effective at leveraging its resources to achieve the greatest possible benefit for those it serves.

Learn about our Aid Workers

At, we introduce you to our amazing Aid Workers so you can see the exceptional work they do. You can meet the people working on the ground floor and support their efforts through a donation or by getting involved with a fundraising event. Our Aid Workers also post on the site a number of Projects, which are specific goals, needs, expansions, or targets that require a certain level of funding. You can search for a Project that you’d like to fully fund or you can donate what you can and see how meaningful a lot of small donations can be.

Learn more about getting involved

Whenever you make a donation to an Aid Worker or specific Project through, you will receive a thank-you update that includes a video showing the specific impact of your gifts. Our Aid Workers work in areas of the world where a little goes a long way, and many of our donors are surprised by what an impact even a small gift can have on the lives of people in the developing world. It’s the reason people come back to give through again and again.

Learn about our Aid Workers’ Projects

Sounds great, but is giving through safe?

Yes! Our Aid Workers are like diamonds in the rough world of international philanthropy – we know that fraud exists, and many of’s founding members have been disappointed by the activities of so-called charitable institutions they have encountered in the past. Whether it is by way of inefficiently used funds, unacceptably high management salaries, or an outright scam, deceptive and unethical practices do occur in the non-profit sector. is not only aware of their existence, but founded on the premise of providing a safe haven for ordinary individuals to support rare but extraordinary organizations. If at any time we learn than an Aid Worker no longer meets our high standards, it will be removed from the site and any collected funds will move to our Aid Worker General Fund, from which we can distribute grants to other worthy Aid Workers and Projects. We do our homework so you can give with a clear conscience.

Learn about our Every Penny Policy

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