Every Penny Policy

WideAwake.org’s Every Penny Policy means that every cent of every donation will reach its intended beneficiary. We will never deduct any percentage or amount from your gift that was intended to reach an Affiliate in order to cover the administrative and operating costs of our organization.

Of course, WideAwake.org does incur such costs in the course of its operation, so how do we make this promise to our donors?

No Salaries

From our President and top management to our many volunteers who make WideAwake.org what it is, no one on our team receives any form of compensation. We have been fortunate to enlist a team of talented people, including many from the business, legal, academic and professional sectors, all of whom see their involvement with WideAwake.org as an opportunity to give, and not as a chance to receive. If you’d like to offer your time and talents to WideAwake.org’s operation, check out our volunteer opportunities to see our current needs.

Donations Expressly Designated for Operations

Even though WideAwake.org does not pay salaries, we do incur operational costs such as transaction fees, technology investments, web support, and marketing. These expenses are paid with funding received expressly for that purpose as well as in-kind support from our generous corporate partners. Much of our operations funding comes from our unpaid Board of Directors, as well as from donations made by people like you. Since we do not have a permanent stream of income (such as a fixed fee taken off the top of donations, like at many other non-profit websites), keeping operating costs to a minimum is a chief priority for WideAwake.org’s management team.

If you like our policies, we invite you to support WideAwake.org with a gift to support our operations. However, if you have to make a choice between supporting an Affiliate or supporting WideAwake.org’s operations, we’d rather you give to the Affiliate.

Our Transparency Policy

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